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TUNEZ is the first collection of music for the bagpipes by Kyle Warren.  Containing 50 original compositions for the bagpipes, including tunes played by some of the leading pipe bands in the world today.  From hornpipes and jigs to wee strathspeys and driving reels, this book is full of contemporary bagpipe music.


"I am in no doubt we will be enjoying much more of Kyle Warren's music now that this first collection is in the public domain.  Let's hope it is the first of many!" Roddy MacLeod MBE


Tunes in this collection:


Making the Change, The Rising Light, The Catwalk, Battle Fever, Reloaded, Prime Time, The Beach Club, Raising the Bar, The Three Degree's, The Benjamin, Seonaidh MacDonald, The Piping Centre's 10th Anniversary, Abbie Galbraith, Jono Quay's Return to Melbourne, June Warren, Glen Fruin, DM Brian Wilson, Craigendoran, Ardardan, The Cobbler, Boturich, Klipping the Kerb, Keith James Bowes, The Battleaxe, Margaret's Air, Aspire, Too Long in this Institution, The A Lister, Golden Brown, Sign My Chin, Rock Bottom, Spice Island, Alan the Tour Guide, Lock Up Yer Chickens, Blue Steel, The Chocolate Fiend, Ally's Message, Don's Party, Miss Ireland, Black Magic, Illegalised, The Notorious Hector, Milkshake Envy, The Meteoric Rise, Wrong Direction, Ferry's Jig, Biker Piper, The One Pound Pint, The Pinstripe Musketeer's, The Duvet Thief

TUNEZ - The first collection of bagpipe music by Kyle Warren

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